DugOut (2017)


Two mates go out to the Amazon, fell a massive tree, make a dugout canoe and set off downstream.

In this age of obfuscating politicians and alternate facts, it’s great to have a film title that leaves little to the imagination! Ben Sadd and James Trundle have been dropping in at the ATFF for the last five years. Either as film-makers (2014’s  masterful Trail to Anywhere), winners of the camp-fire cooking competition or simply as master spoon whittlers! These guys are what this festival lives and breathes; free spirits with a true thirst for adventure; original, inventive and creative in equal measure. Compliments? You bet. Ben and James are the future: kind, interested, grass roots and genuinely funny. They should have their own series on BBC2 and when they do, we shall raise a glass and toast them!

2016 • Ben Sadd • Video • 55 mins