Kayak the Kwanza (2016)

Kayak the Kwanza

Two buddies tackle the longest river in Angola in fold-up vintage 1960s kit canoes.

Alfy and Oscar should get a prize just for speed of turnaround! They canoed the length of a not oft-paddled African river in June 2016 and by December had submitted an hour long doco to this festival. Rushed and crappy? No way amigos. This film is understated and charming in equal measure. It oozes DIY zeal and is exactly what we love at the ATFF. Not only that, the section where they are arrested by police who cannot cope with the fact that there is no such thing as a ‘canoeing permit’, was impossible to film. However, instead of just leaving it out, they re-imagined it as an animated sequence and kept the narrative afloat! Rock on daddy-O! Angola is in no way an easy place to adventure but these guys relish that all the more. Add to that, they raised £18,000 for H.A.L.O, the landmine clearing charity. Boom!

2016 • Carl Treeby • Video • 52 mins