Losing Sight of Shore (2017)

Losing Sight of Shore

A  four-woman team spends nine months rowing across the Pacific from San Francisco to Australia, and smashes it.

Rather unusually, this ‘best in show’ is not going to be unique to this festival. Why? Because this project, film and epic achievement will resonate down through history for decades to come, totally eclipsing this festival. Rarely do we get a submission to the festival that is so resolutely DIY yet so colossal in scale. We have two balls in the air here and we must keep our eyes on both. Firstly, this is a truly astonishing venture and its execution will be the stuff of adventure lore years from now. Secondly, and totally separate from that, this is a staggeringly perfect film. Not just a great adventure travel doc, but an exceptional work of art and storytelling that can hold its own in any film festival or TV channel. Blessed are we that can enjoy this mind-blowing movie and then have the privilege of hanging out with these oar-some women around the camp-fire. Verily, I say unto thee, the Coxless Crew cometh.

2016 • Sarah Moshman • Video • 92 mins