Paddle for the North (2015)

Paddle for the North

A canoe film with a strong environmental message: Protect the wilderness!

This film has been four years in the making. A really substantial project that sees a load of kayak-mad buddies on a 1000-mile paddle far up in the north of  Alaska and the Yukon. You know you’re in for a treat when the project’s website sports a tab proudly labelled: Join The Fight!  The team is lead by Quebecois eco-warrior Gabriel Rivest. He loves the great outdoors but is far-sighted enough to realise that if industry and oil-drilling are allowed to prevail, the earth’s few remaining truly pristine wildernesses simply won’t make it. These guys aren’t just canoeing, they’re campaigning. This film is staggeringly good and could easily have been ‘best in show’. Oh yeah, they take their dogs with them too!

2015 • Simon Higgins • Video • 54 mins