Rowed Trip (2008)

A married couple spend seven months rowing and cycling from John O’Groats to Syria.

Colin and Julie Angus are adventure travel royalty. They are dedicated to promoting education through adventure and are possibly two of the most impressive Canadians alive today.  Colin’s 2001 collaboration with Tim Cope, The Yenisey River Expedition, is still in the top five adventure travel films of all time. On Rowed Trip Colin and Julie cannot paddle their entire route because of land interruptions. No support vehicle for them! Instead, their home-made canoes have a secret compartment built into them, each of which contains a folding bicycle and trailer. When the water runs out, these heroes perform a quick ‘switcheroo’ and pedal away, towing their canoes behind them. This is a sight to behold and any fans of the Brompton bicycle will simply pass out during this screening! More presciently, the couple reach a peaceful Syria, as yet unravaged by violence. This film is incredibly special in these troubled times. Don’t miss it!

2008 • Colin Angus • Video • 57 mins