Solidream – Aspiration of the Pamirs (2016)

Aspirations of the Pamirs

Three French buddies pedal their revolutionary wooden phat bikes across the peaks and plains of Central Asia.

Two years ago this festival shuddered and quaked with the ripples that emanated from the film Solidream. That was the stupefyingly perfect doco that told of four buddies who cycled around the world and made what may be called, in years to come, the best long-distance cycling film of all time. We thought they would by now, be spent, but no! These indefatigable Frenchmen have proved that they have plenty more powder in their magazine and they bring us a new adventure from the nexus of the Silk Road. This film is one of several this year (Dug out, Paddle to the North) that have an adventure skin underlain by an eco-heart. The lads pedal furiously and give us an example of a type of adventure travel film that ten years ago simply did not exist. A masterpiece of art, compassion and environmental awareness, Ladies & Gentleman, Solidream in the Pamir mountains.

2016 • Brian Mathé • Video • 53 mins