Surviving the Fundy Footpath (2016)

Surviving the Fundy Footpath

A city-slicker townie from Ontario gets hopelessly out of his depth as he tackles one of Canada’s most testing hiking routes.

Bruce Persaud is not your average lumberjack Canuk. Totally happy sipping a skinny latte de-caff in a pair of calf-skin moccasins he has never slept outdoors and is more likely to go to the moon than the great outdoors. He is challenged to take on the Fundy footpath and is quickly surrounded by a helpful team of guides, outdoorsmen and forest rangers. This trail is relatively new and not heavily hiked so many sections are incredibly wild and barely an inch of it is actually horizontal. Getting Bruce through to the other end of the trail becomes the trailsmen’s sole objective in a shepherding exercise that becomes a New Brunswick version of mercenary rescue flik The Wild Geese. Spoiler legislation means we simply cannot tell you how this works out but this film is a joy!

2016 • Craig Norris • Video • 41 mins