Trabants to the End of the World (2015)

Trabants to the End of the World

Crashing through the jungles of South America come three joke cars and an equally useless communist-era motorbike.

Dan Priban is The Czech Republic’s leading adventure goon, and we love him. He is an old friend to this festival as the man behind his epic Trabants to Cape Town film of a few years ago.

This time, the team posts their 600cc fibreglass cars to Georgetown in Guyana and is rewarded with a two-week wrestle with customs officials. The port authorities make no secret of the fact that they have no procedure for dealing with Europeans who want to bring in their own vehicles for holiday fun, rather than formal import.

Eventually they break out of the bonded warehouse and the feeble-engined convoy is on its way south. They hit all the sights and sounds that South America has to offer and naturally, seem to be only ever in between breakdowns. In a world where bling and gadgetry spiral out of control there was bound to be a reaction. These Trabanteers are the feisty punk rock kick in the groin to the traction control sanitation of the modern 4×4 stadium-rock bloatfest.

2015 • Dan Priban • Video • 96 mins