Beyond Siberia – Riding the Road of Bones (2015)

The 30,000-kilometre motorbike ride from London to Magadan, on the edge of Russia, has been described as one of the most challenging rides in the world. For four long months, a group of adventure bikers from around the world travels across a quarter of the Earth’s surface, pushing themselves and their bikes to the limit. Starting in Europe they ride the length of Russia, onto the historical Silk Road, deep into Mongolia, through the Siberian wilderness and experience an incredibly moving final ride through the infamous Road of Bones; a spiritual wasteland where two million people perished, with their bodies used as road fill during Stalin’s reign of terror. Through blazing deserts, inland seas, snow-covered peaks, black ice, torrential rain, raging river crossings and vast empty plains, this is an epic series of extreme highs and gut-wrenching lows. These riders know that every bend in the road could be their last and not everybody will make it to the end. Presented and narrated by Charley Boorman.

2 x 60 mins  2015    Produced by Robin Newell of Thought Films