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Our line-up of speakers for 2018…


Alienor is of French Nationality and has been an Australian Resident for 11 years. Alienor has an educational background in the art and media industry. From a young age, she developed a passion for travelling and taking on adventures across the globe. Some of her previous expeditions include a horseback trek in Mongolia at the age of 22 and a motorbike expedition from Siberia to Paris. She has also lived in many different continents including South America, Asia and Europe. Here in Australia she has been working on and off for the past 10 years with Indigenous youth in remote communities of the central and western desert. This position saw her travelling extensively remote places and develop a love for the Australian outback and big open spaces. In 2015 she set out to embark on her longest solo expedition so far, 5330Km along the National Trail on horseback with the aim to dedicate her ride to the brumby plight. Alienor’s expedition on the National Trail won her the Sidetracked, UK Magazine adventure Fund grant 2015 as well as sponsorship from the Australian Geographic Project Sponsorship Grant 2015. A month after completing the national trail she participated in the very first Gobi Desert Cup, an horse endurance race of 480km in the gobi desert in Mongolia and finished first. 


axel_smAxel Leonhardt
Being fascinated by reading about adventurous stuff from others I soon decided to make my own. Since I have had larger and smaller encounters with thrill, excitement and “boy i don’t wanna be here” moments. My most recent was a ride from Vladivostok to Spain, although ‘riding’ I did not all the time. Join me and I shall show & tell




The Other Way Round

Heather Ellis will take you on a motorcycle journey like no other as she travels solo across Africa and Central Asia on her Yamaha TT600.

Following her travels across Africa, Heather continues her journey riding to Australia via the Silk Road through Central Asia and by train across China to Vietnam. Her second travel memoir, the sequel to Ubuntu, details this journey and will be available in mid-2018.






Droning On – Jacqui Kennedy

The ups and downs of using a drone on your travels. No doubt drones produce great quality pics and video, but is all the hype worth the effort of carrying a drone?






Stay tuned for more amazing inspiration as we lock in more speakers.

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Travel Photography Competition

  • Bring along an A4 print of your best travel photo with your contact details on the back
  • Hang it on the boards in the information centre outside the cinema
  • There will be a variety of prizes on the day including best entry under 18
  • Photos should not have been used commercially in any way