Drone film comp

Adventure Travel Film Festival – Drone Film Competition

Wanna see your film on the big screen?
Wanna showcase your talent to the world?
Wanna show off the amazing and diverse regions of Australia?

With the emergence of drones making places more accessible, we’d like to see what’s going on in your backyard.

Make a short (3 min) film titled My Backyard… with the emphasis on adventure travel.

It needs to be more than just a soundtrack over pretty scenery – it should have a theme or storyline with funny/ quirky / unusual footage. Think outside the box.

It does not need to be professionally shot with high-end drones.
Wacky will win out over perfect footage every time.
If the substance is there, we will forgive the quality.
If you don’t believe us, THIS was our feature film in 2015.

The shortlisted films will be shown at the film festival with the overall winner receiving a double pass to attend the event.

It must be filmed in Australia following all CASA rules and with Nat Park permits. All music must be copyright free or used with permission.
It should be at least 70% drone footage or stills.
It must not have been published on Youtube/Vimeo or previously broadcast in public.
It does not have to be *your* backyard specifically – but keep it to one region in Oz.

How it works.

  • Upload your 3 minute film to Youtube or Vimeo on “private” setting.
  • Send us the link by email  by 6th January 2018 along with any relevant permits.
  • The short listed entrants will be asked to upload a broadcast quality film via Dropbox/Drive/iCloud etc
    Short listed entrants will also be eligible for 25% discount off festival tickets.
  • The Film Festival crew will select an overall winner for a free double pass by 22nd Jan 2018 

Remember – this is a fun project and the festival’s decisions are final. Give it a go.