A Musical Journey On The Silk Route

A Musical Journey on the Silk Route

Two French hipster sound engineers buy a couple of Enfield Bullets in India and resolve to ride back to ‘La France’. However, they punctuate their journey by dropping in at community centres, schools etc and recording the local ethnic soundtrack as they go. C’est magnifique! 2017 • Sylvain Liard & Mathieu Sauvaitre

Alone through Iran – 1144 miles of trust

Alone Through Iran

  A female Swedish long distance runner laments the pain and friction in the modern world. She has a hunch the media don’t portray ‘rogue nations’ accurately so she conducts an experiment to find out for herself. She runs across Iran, alone, to see what happens. You will cry tears of joy… 2017 • André […]

Capitaine de l’utopie (2017)

Capitaine de l'utopie (2017)

Living 30 miles from Lyon, in the foothills of the Alps, François Bernard is a fully pro mountain guide. He has worked in mountain environments all over the world but one day he realised it was time for a change; He bought a yacht, not for himself, but as a group asset. He sailed it […]

Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey (2017)

Climbing legend Fred Beckey with Eric Bjornstad holding a "no climbing" sign by a rocky outcrop

American climbing nuts will know who this guy is, but the rest of us? We are so proud to showcase the second film from ATFF regular, Jason Reid. This amazing film is packed with stunning archive stills and footage chronicling the life of someone who really was a ‘maverick’. Actually, a man so dedicated to […]

From Morocco with Love (2016)

From Morocco with Love

Moroccan millennial hitch-hikes the perimeter of Iceland and falls in love with all he finds. Really pleasant interlude from ‘Brits Abroad’. 2016 • Nabil Qerjij

Global Convoy (2017)

Global Convoy

A bunch of penniless goons are determined to see the world and meet all the wondrous peoples it contains. They buy cars for £150 and totally clueless, set off across, Europe, Central Asia, Siberia and then over to the USA and south to Argentina. This is rosy-cheeked youthful enthusiasm at it’s best. No money, no […]

Iran’s Arrow (2016)

Iran's Arrow

Iran’s Arrow is a documentary about a British car (the Hillman Hunter) that was introduced to Iran in 1967. It became Iran’s national car and was produced under the model name “Paykan” (meaning ‘Arrow’) for 38 years. Naturally, being home-produced it attracted no import duties and quickly became the default family car across the nation. […]

MOHON – Adventure on a bike (2017)


19 year old Jimmy Hyland buys a bike for £50 then flies it to Mongolia. Zero experience in this area but off he goes! What a game boy!! 2017 • Jimmy Hyland

MOTONPOGET – A Russian Motorcycle Adventure (2017)


David Darcy is a regular contributor to this film festival. One of the most cheery and prolific adventure motorcyclists in the world today we last saw him in ‘Continental Drift’ a film about riding from London to Sydney, natch. This time he’s heading east and north, motorcycling across Siberia to the lonely prison outpost of […]

Once More – The story of VIN903847

Once More - The story of VIN903847

Stunning story of Paul Loofs, born in Germany in 1933 when you know who was in charge,  who emigrated to Canada in ’53 and became a coal miner. Saved hard, bought an early VW Beetle and between 1956 and 63 went around the world in it three times!!!!!!!!!! The car still exists today and so […]

Oxford to Sydney in a KR2 (2005)

Oxford to Sydney in a KR2

Staffordshire’s Colin Hales dreamed the incredible dream, to fly his own plane around the world. Sadly he was of modest means and couldn’t afford a plane, so he built one. Hundreds of hours later he took off and a few months later was landing in Sydney. This is DIY adventure and DIY film-making captured as […]


Elspeth Beard

A crucial element of the festival and a chance for film-makers to capture the essence of adventure. Here’s the lineup for the short film screening in 2018. Elspeth Beard – Lone Rider The legendary 1982 around the world m/c trip that is only now getting the fame it deserves. 2018 • Directed by Elspeth Beard •  […]

Skye’s The Limit (2017)

Skye's the Limit

Cal Major’s breakout film that’s drawing crowds everywhere. She stand-up-paddles around the coastline of the Isle of Skye and reports back on chronic plastic pollution. Super important. 2017 • Cal Major

The British Backpacker Society: Across the Sahara (2017)

British Backpacker Society

The British Backpacker society is actually two chums from Dorset. They are only in their early 20s but rigorously visit the places that the Foreign Office discourages as holiday destinations. They travel only on public transport and expect to never meet a single other European on their jaunts. This film follows them pushing into the […]

Voyagers Without Trace (1938 & 2016)

Voyagers Without Trace - 3 French travellers around a campfire, 1938

The first ever Kayak descent of the Colorado river wasn’t by Americans. In 1938 three French paddlers, in collapsible canvas canoes made this epic 60 day journey. They filmed the whole thing on colour 35mm film which until 2015 had been lost to history. Restored and researched, this is their story. 2016 • Ian McCluskey