Ella Maillart – Double Journey (1939 & 2015)

Ella Maillart - Double Journey

With Europe about to boil over into war, two urbane young ladies decide to drive from their home in Switzerland to India. Ella Maillart and Annemarie Schwarzenbach are Switzerland’s best kept travel secret. Back in spring 1939, Europe was a volatile cauldron of political madness and they sensed that sanity could be found on the […]

Familia Ciclista (2015)

Familia Ciclista

It is June, and the middle of winter. The surface is a blinding expanse of white – salt not snow. The riders, a Canadian Couple and their two young children, are bundled in jackets, furiously pedalling their bicycles. Eight months cycling from Patagonia to Bolivia taught them the freedom of bikes and an open itinerary, […]

Karun: Misadventures On Iran’s Longest River (2016)


Two Brits traverse Iran by pack-raft, bicycle and Shanks’ Pony. Misadventures abound as they follow Iran’s longest river – the Karun. Leon McCarron and Tom Allen are wellrespected elder statesmen of the UK adventure travel scene. Add to that, they are both filmmakers and story tellers of the highest order of such prolific output that Karun […]

Kayaking the Aleutians (2015)

Kayaking the Aleutians

Hardcore 101-day sea kayaking epic from two of the world’s leading ladies of adventure. No-one had succeeded in kayaking along the remote and stormy Aleutian islands, where more than twenty long crossings separate tiny unpopulated islands. Justine Curgenven and Sarah Outen attempt this world-first journey in uncharted waters, dealing with wild storms, hungry bears and […]

Mondo Enduro (1996)

Mondo Enduro

Seven mates set off from Mill Hill School on a mission to motorcycle the longest land route possible around the world. Fourteen months later, they got back. By then, down to four. Mondo Enduro is our Saturday night starlight screening because it was exactly twenty years ago that Austin, Clive, Chas and Louis clattered along […]

One Map for Two (1957 & 2014)

One Map For Two

Two Italian buddies score a pair of 175cc Ducatis and whizz around the unspoilt  world of the 1950s… …filming as they go, their footage lies forgotten for decades, until now. This is the UK premiere of their delightful exploits. Tartarini and Monetti were just a pair of regular post-war tutti-frutti Italian teens. Unimpressed that for […]

Peeled Faces on the Amazon: The Story of the Amazon Express (2015)

Peeled Faces on the Amazon

A squad of Americans paddle this legendary river from source to sea. When Texan speed-canoeing fanatic,  West Hansen, found out about a ‘new’ source of the mighty Amazon, it took him only a few moments to realise that this was one of the last great adventures available on the earth today. The problem was that […]

Pillock Conquers the World (1969-72)

Pillock Conquers the World

A folk group buy an old rt bus as the ultimate ‘band van’. They load up their instruments and drive it to India, around Australia and then across the USA. This spectacular film comes from the pre-Shoreditch era when the fuzzy beard had but two legitimate homes: on either a lumberjack or a folk musician. […]

Project Origin – Around Martinique by Stand Up Paddleboard (2015)

Project Origin

When Dave Cornthwaite invited a small team of friends to paddle board around the Caribbean island of Martinique, they had no idea what was around the corner. They propelled themselves on inflatable Origin paddle boards and carried all their gear in dry bags strapped to the decks. The team travelled 146 miles in twelve days […]

Seaside Donkey (2015)

Seaside Donkey - Hannah and Chico

A welsh woman walks the 1000 mile perimeter of wales. She travels with a donkey named chico who invigorates and infuriates in equal measure. Hannah Engelkamp has been a friend to this  festival since its inception. It is a shimmering thrill to hear about someone’s proposed adventure, hear that they filmed it and then  actually […]

Short Beauties

Short Beauties

Small but perfectly formed, these films are often not actual documentaries but still invigorate and inspire.



A crucial element of the festival and a chance for novices to hone their skills before attempting ‘the big one’.

The Great Game – 30,000 miles across Central Asia (2016)

The Great Game - 30,000 miles across Central Asia (2016)

London to Kuala Lumpar and back, via china, Iran and everything in between. A classic overland route undertaken and filmed by one man in a land cruiser. Jon Beardmore is your classic Kiwi.  Likeable, understated and terrifyingly determined. He had his heart set on an insanely challenging route that picked up pretty much every country […]

The Power of Dreams (2015)

The Power of Dreams

A youngster is horribly injured in an accident  and sets out on an adventure to find himself.  instead, he discovers a whole lot more. Belgian teen, Arthur Fievet, was as active and outdoorsy as you’ve ever met. Then, with a broken back and paralysed from the waist down he suddenly finds his wish-list of adventures […]

The Traveller (2014)

The Traveller

A sprightly Frenchman is walking around  the world and finds himself crossing Siberia  in the middle of their winter. Dimitri Kieffer is a determined guy. He is also kind, charming, gentle and funny. His four- year project of doing a full human-powered  circum-perambulation is extraordinary to behold. He has propelled himself well over 12,000 miles […]

Unbranded (2015)


Four friends ride recently ‘tamed’ stallions  from the Mexican frontier through back-country America up to the Canadian border. Ben Masters noticed an unusual horse fact in modern America. The wilderness areas of the Lower 48 were over-run with wild horses, or as they are correctly known, Mustangs. Masters wanted to draw attention to the plight […]

Urban Escape (2015)

Urban Escape

This year’s ‘unusual’ film chronicles the subversive investigations of a group of Europeans into a series of forbidden places in the USA. Mondo Trespass a-go-go! There’s not much traditional adventure travel in this film (unless you include the very real possibility of being arrested and prosecuted). However, as Dr Johnson famously wrote: “If a man […]