Sideshows – 2016

It’s not all sitting in a darkened room, getting square eyes. There’s plenty of outdoor action too, from bushcraft and foraging to campfire cooking, live music and open air screenings.

Here are the sideshows that came to the 2016 festival in London:

Woodland Ways – Bushcraft & Foraging with Kevan Palmer

Kev PalmerKev’s bushcraft lessons and forage walk are always hugely popular so we are delighted to have him return the fold. Kev is a highly accomplished woodsman, craftsman and naturalist and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading bushcraft instructors. His knowledge has developed since childhood where his interest in flora, fauna and the great outdoors began. He has travelled extensively throughout the world and taught bushcraft to thousands of people, as well as providing specialist survival advice to numerous TV productions, including Bear Grylls’ ‘Born Survivor’ series. Be sure to set some time aside to take one of his bushcraft lessons or join his forage walk. After spending some time with Kev, you will never view a country stroll in the same way again!

The Jolly Woodsman Knot Workshop with Adam Thompson

KnotsAdam has worked as a tree surgeon for a number of years, using ropes for multiple purposes, and as a result has developed a deep and slightly worrying love of knots. The Jolly Woodsman Knot Workshop aims to pass on some knowledge of this highly practical art, by teaching a carefully selected range of knots, bends and hitches. Sign up and take your love life to a whole new level…




**NEW** Spoon Whittling Workshop

Spoon whittlingBen Sadd and James Trundle are two of the craftiest men at the festival. No, they aren’t wily and dishonest! On the contrary, they are bubbling buckets of artisanal integrity. They LOVE making things and they are two of the loveliest chaps you will ever meet! If you report to them at the right time, 45 mins later you’ll be holding a spoon that you whittled yourself! Next project, a dug-out canoe!!




The Campfire Cooking Competition

Campfire cookoutA bit like the Great British Bake-Off, but with lentils. This now legendary contest attracts festivaleers of all ages and experiences, eager to showcase their field cooking skills. Entrants are given a bunch of twigs, a match and the kind of ingredients you would expect to find on the road – pulses, rice or pasta, a tin of something, a sprinkling of seasoning, a handful of vegetables and one random surprise ingredient! Then it’s time to go head to head with your fellow field chefs and sizzle up a tasty meal before having your offering judged by our very own galloping gourmet.


Yoga for Travellers with Charlotte Bolton

YogaStretch out your road-weary limbs and learn how to get all Zen for those stressful border crossings. Seasoned adventure traveller, Charlotte of Zen Overland, became a yoga teacher after a year-long motorcycle trip around the Americas. Yoga has now become an indispensable part of her travel tool kit. Suitable for beginners and more experienced yogis.




Special Guests: The Yes Tribe


In 2012 Dave Cornthwaite, a former keynote speaker at the Adventure Travel Film Festival, founded SayYesMore, a project aimed at ‘turning strangers into friends, breaking down fears and hurdles and helping people of all ages redesign their lives and jobs’. Last Summer Dave decided to take this enterprise one step further by turning his Facebook friends into real people, and after extending a series of invites to join him for a night of camping just outside of London a few hundred people became the founding members of the YesTribe. Their culture of encouraging others to get out there and seize the day, live life, and push their boundaries has gathered such an enthusiastic following here and across the world that the first annual ‘Yestival’ went down a storm in the Surrey countryside last Autumn.

The YesTribe’s positive attitude will be unavoidable at this Summer’s festival, in the best way possible. Grab yourself a SayYesMore t-shirt or hoodie at their stall and join in a group discussion that will take everyone on a journey through how to plan an adventure all the way to creating a work-life balance that’s viable. Dave will also be chairing the human-powered experts’ panel as well as making a film about our festival this year.

LIVE BAND! Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip

Mik Artistik's Ego Trip

…are an edgy, funny, poetic unit who play rock-and-roll stand up. Chaos ensues onstage with Mik chucking straws all over the place, spouting random observations and following his train of thought into the audience. Every show is different! Festival favourites and Glastonbury regulars, they have supported Chas & Dave and appeared on Channel 4’s Random Acts. Don’t miss their performance, come and see for yourself, it is truly a wondrous thing to behold. Bring pockets full of straws… you might need them!

And don’t forget the Starlight Screenings!

ATFF Starlight Screenings

On Friday and Saturday nights we will show the headline film on a giant outdoor screen (weather permitting). If our plan is foiled by rain we will all pile into the giant sports hall – the whole gang under roof! Don’t forget to bring a camp-chair or a blanket to sit on.

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