It’s not all sitting in a darkened room, getting square eyes. There’s plenty of outdoor action too and for 2017 we had loads of new activities for you to try your hand at. All of these sideshows are free but many of them are limited to a certain number of people [see numbers in brackets]. 

**NEW** Honda Test Rides

Welcomed with such enthusiasm in 2016, Honda is back for 2017 and has listened to what you said last year…”I’d love to try out an Africa Twin”, “I’d love to learn to ride”. Well, if you can find time between films, why not come and ride with us?

DAve Thrope - honda test ridesFirst-timers
Anybody over the age of 14 is welcome to sign up to learn the basics. Either on a twist and go scooter or geared 125cc bike, our expert instructors will get you rolling and give you your first taste of two-wheeled freedom…
Fancy trying off-road?
You met him last year and, this time, three-time world motocross champion, Dave Thorpe, has brought some bikes with him! Again, festival-goers 14 and over are welcome to try out a Honda dirt bike, ably guided by Dave and his team of instructors.
On-road test rides
Already have a bike licence? Got it with you? Great! We’ll have a selection of Honda’s latest range on display. Come and see us, pick up the keys, have fun, come back and tell us what you thought.

**NEW** Campfire Cookery Class

Cookery class with Kieran Creevey

Photo: Claire Burge

Kieran Creevy is an expedition chef, private chef and International mountain leader. He’s worked on the mountains and as a chef for over 20 years. On many occasions, in both capacities at the same time. Over the last number of years he’s worked with brands like The North Face, Adidas Terrex, Marmot UK, Lowe Alpine, Rab and the Royal Geographical Society London and the Kendal Mountain Festival to teach athletes, explorers and outdoor enthusiasts how to eat better in the outdoors and while on expedition. He will be taking groups of us on a wild culinary journey, cooking with fire and proving that living wild doesn’t mean eating dehydrated globules from a packet. He’s teaching on Saturday afternoon and Sunday brunch. This will be a smash hit – sign up early at the HQ tent and expect to get cookin’. [18]

Woodland Ways – **NEW** Net Making, Medicinal Plants and Firelighting with Kevan Palmer

Kev Palmer

Kev Palmer has been inspiring ATFF attendees for six years now but this summer he has new material for us to enjoy – nets, medicinal plants and fire-lighting activities abound.

Nets have been used for a variety uses by humans across the planet for millennia.  Learn this ancient craft and have a go yourself and master the basic principles that will enable you to make a variety of different nets. [12]

Discover the natural medicine chest that can be found in an English hedgerow and how to process wild plants into simple everyday preparations. [12]

Kev will take you through the history of humans using fire, as he demonstrates fire lighting techniques from the stone age right up to modern day methods with a few emergency ways of lighting a fire thrown in for good measure! [unlimited]

**NEW** First Aid on the Road

Shane First Aid

Shane Pierce, an American physician assistant medical practitioner and motorcycle enthusiast will take you on a journey from London to Capetown. Along the way, we will encounter unexpected accidents with injuries, acquire unique tropical diseases and develop strange rashes. Shane will identify homemade first aid kits that we might pack on our journey and discuss improvising with items travellers have on hand. This session will be hands on and will include practice of first aid in addition to lecture and discussion. [10]

**NEW** Bike Tarp Camping

Bike Tarp Camping

Whatever your means of getting around, the army surplus tarp is well respected as the traveller’s friend. Curator Austin is in thrall to these sheets of nylon and hasn’t slept in a tent for millennia. He’ll be showing you not only how to erect these simple accessories but also a few secrets that he’s acquired after an estimated 20,000 nights under tarps (ed: every night for 54 years??). Lovers of tents can come and mock but expect to be ‘sucked in’. Soon you too will be ‘insane in the membrane’.[6]


**NEW** Exped Motorcycle Prep

Exped Motorcycle Prep

This is all about getting a machine ready for that big trip. Hosted by Chris Scott and festival creator Lois Pryce the air will be crackling with 12 volt expertise. Your hosts will talk you through every bit of nut’n’bolt prep including the hot potato of hard vs soft luggage! Even if you have no intention of biking around the world, the floor underfoot will be crunching with the sound of footfall on a bed of pearls of wisdom. Miss at your peril! [unlimited]

**NEW** Big Trees Walk

Big Trees Walk

If you have a hankering for nature then this is it. The ground’s of Mill Hill School boast some of the rarest trees in the UK. Why? Because just up near the marquee, where you registered, used to stand the house of one Peter Collinson. Back in the 1760s he was one of Europe’s foremost botanists and a co-founder of Kew gardens. The original Mill Hill School was in his old house and he’d planted tons of weird saplings in his garden and beyond in what are now, the school grounds. Local arbrophile and former head of Biology at the school, Trevor Chilton, is our guide for this delightful tour of Mill Hill’s legendary ancient trees. [unlimited]

**NEW** Aerial Runway

Aerial runway

Adam Thompson and Austin Vince  launch us into a brand new  activity that taps into the nation’s newest craze – zip wires! They’ll teach you how to lace up a block & tackle and create a high tension ropeway that can be used for ferrying treasure across a mighty gorge or simply old-school 1970s goonery. Whizz bang! [10]


Spoon Whittling Workshop

Spoon WhittlingBack by popular demand! Ben Sadd and James Trundle are two of the craftiest men at the festival. No, they aren’t wily and dishonest! On the contrary, they are bubbling buckets of artisanal integrity. They LOVE making things and they are two of the loveliest chaps you will ever meet! If you report to them at the right time, 45 mins later you’ll be holding a spoon that you whittled yourself! Next project, a dug-out canoe!! [5]


Yoga for Travellers with Charlotte Bolton

YogaStretch out your road-weary limbs and learn how to get all Zen for those stressful border crossings. Seasoned adventure traveller, Charlotte of Zen Overland, became a yoga teacher after a year-long motorcycle trip around the Americas. Yoga has now become an indispensable part of her travel tool kit. Suitable for beginners and more experienced yogis. [20 – first come first served]


LIVE BANDS! Junco Shakers

Junco Shakers

Taking influences from 40’s rock n roll, skiffle, reggae, blues and jazz artists such as big Joe Turner, Leadbelly, Lonnie Donegan, Muddy Waters and Louis Prima. With Mitch Ratcliffe on double bass, Ben Gunn beating the washboard & driving blues harmonica, Sam La’penn and Gaz playing acoustic guitars, topped off with gospel vocal harmonies are making Junco Shakers create their own style of authentic music dubbed “Skiffllebilly Swing”. Throwing music back to its roots whilst crafting contemporary songs. 

The Jolenes

The Jolenes

Festival favourites, and London’s only all-girl bluegrass band, The Jolenes are back! You will find them pickin’ and grinnin’ around the campfire on Friday night. Listen out for the glorious harmonies, fiery fiddle and twangy banjo wafting through the trees… fingerpickin’ good!


TALK – How to Make a Film of Your Adventure with Austin Vince

Austin Vince with film camerasFestival curator, Austin’s Saturday morning presentation has become a highpoint of the weekend with people coming to watch again and again every year! Learn the basic principles of filming your adventure and discover why if you can make spaghetti Bolognese, you can make a film.





Swimming Pool

Good news: the swimming pool will be open each day for a swimming session. Just show your wristband to jump on in. places limited to 30 so first come first served. Check out the schedule for exact times.

And don’t forget the Starlight Screenings!

ATFF Starlight Screenings

On Friday and Saturday nights we will show the headline film on a giant outdoor screen (weather permitting). If our plan is foiled by rain we will all pile into the giant sports hall – the whole gang under roof! Don’t forget to bring a camp-chair or a blanket to sit on.



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