Ask The Experts – 2016

In 2015, we introduced our ‘Ask The Experts’ panels, where you can get up close and personal with some of the most experienced and entertaining adventurers on the planet! The panels for 2016 focused on vehicle dependent expeditions, human-powered expeditions and *new* for 2016 we had a film-makers’ panel. Informal, intimate and informative, just roll up, hang out and ask the experts anything you like…

Information about the 2017 London festival will be announced nearer the time.

THE FILM MAKERS’ PANEL – hosted by festival curator, Austin Vince

Austin Vince

New for this year is a round-table designed for the most effective  sharing of ideas between all of us practising independent film- makers. The credo of the festival has always been to encourage a  proliferation of grass-roots DIY doco projects. This is a co-operative  brains-trust where a question is posed and answers are collected  from the floor. Fun and inspirational; everyone welcome.




HUMAN-POWERED EXPEDITIONS hosted by Dave Cornthwaite

Pedals, paddles, feet, legs, arms… These guys and gals have done it all using just their muscles and true grit. Come and seek out their hearty, human-powered wisdom!

Dave CornthwaiteDave Cornthwaite is impossible to summarise in 50 words. Unless, of course, those 50 words include the phrases ‘adventure God’ and ‘human-powered force of nature’. His 1000 mile exploits are the stuff of legend and no-one will ever moderate this panel as deftly as he.




Tom AllenTom Allen has been active in the world of adventure since the age of 23 when he set off on a bicycle to travel the world, a journey which would last nearly four years. His award-winning film of this journey, Janapar, was released in 2012, followed by a book of the same name. As an independent adventure filmmaker and writer he’s since worked in the Scandinavia Arctic, the USA, Outer Mongolia, Iran and most recently Patagonia.



Justine CurgenvenJustine Curgenven is an award-winning documentary maker of her kayak expeditions around the world that perfectly combine her sense of fun with truly gruelling adventure. What she doesn’t know about paddling ain’t worth knowing.




Jennifer ToughJennifer Tough is a Scottish-Canadian endurance adventure enthusiast, taking on solo cycle tours, overnight MTB marathons, epic sailing challenges, exotic paddling expeditions, mountain running, and adrenalised skiing all over the globe. Jennifer is enthusiastic about encouraging others to explore the wonderful outdoors and both the close-by and far-away cultures of our amazing planet.



VEHICLE DEPENDENT EXPEDITIONS hosted by festival curator, Lois Pryce

Prefer a little octane in your adventures? These overland experts have axle grease under their fingernails and Saharan sand in their teeth. Whatever it is you want to know about travelling by motorcycle, truck or 4×4, they will have the answer. Come and drink from their (slightly oily) cup…

Lois PryceLois Pryce is the UK’s most respected motorcycle travel author as well as co-founder of the festival. She has ridden solo the length of the Americas, from London to Cape Town and around Iran, making her an excellent person to consult on all aspects of bike travel.




Chris ScottChris Scott is the well-spring of this festival. His countless solo forays into the Sahara in his youth saw him conceiving of a new genre and creating the phrase; ‘Adventure Motorcycling’. He is the editor of sundry adventure travel books and is essentially the world’s leading expert on vehicle travel in wilderness areas.



Nathan MillwardNathan Millward was simply a normal person until he rode a little 110cc bike from Sydney to London and then wrote a book about it. Within a few years he was editing ‘Adventure Bike Rider’ and is now a permanent fixture on the UK long-distance overland scene.




Austin VinceAustin Vince is on a mission to change the world by encouraging people to travel, with vulnerability, in unusual and uncomfortable places. He is well known for advocating the trail-bike as the ultimate ‘go anywhere’ adventure vehicle. He rides a faultless Honda CRF250L and is a fan of the ‘less is more’ mantra.

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