Buy Tickets

Tickets for the 2016 Adventure Travel Film Festival in Mill Hill, North London are on sale NOW!

The ticket price has gone up since last year. This is partly because our costs have increased over the last couple of years and also because we are an ethical event organiser. Many shows and events expect professional speakers, tutors,¬†authors and musicians to appear for free, citing it as ‘exposure’ or an opportunity to sell their wares. We don’t agree with this. We also like to keep our staff, volunteers and talent well fed during the festival, and this all costs real money. All this means is that your extra pounds of ticket cash is going to the right places and that you are all in your own way, mini-patrons of the arts!

Workshop tickets are now available in advance. No need to decide straight away – you have up until the festival to buy them. Peruse the list of this year’s fantastic workshops.

Vendors – you need to buy yourselves a special vendors ticket this year.

And due to popular demand we are now selling meal tickets individually. Or you can buy all meals in one go… up to you!

Children under 12 are FREE!

If you are after a refund, please read this information first.