Food and Drink


Due to popular demand we have set things up so you can buy individual meal tickets.. or the whole shebang in one hit. Up to you!

As the cost of food has gone up we’ve had to increase the ticket price for sit-down meals.. but not by very much.

Select your meals from the dropdowns on the ticket page and add to your cart. Remember: meals in the dining hall must be purchased in advance and cannot be bought on the day and meal tickets are only available up to midnight on 6th August 2017. However, the indoor cafe selling sandwiches and snacks PLUS the Mill Hill BBQ will both be open during the day. So if you’re feeling too lazy to get the trangia on, help is at hand but it’s worth knowing that the selection of food on site is limited so we advise that everyone pays for meals in the dining hall in advance.

The bar will also be open serving “British tapas” (crisps) and  the real ale flows all weekend.

Menus for the 2017 festival are now out!

Breakfast 2017

Supper 2017

Indoor Cafe & Bar 2017
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