It’s not just about films at the ATFF, you also get to meet the adventurers, authors and film-makers who are out there, livin’ the dream – whatever that dream may be. Meet this year’s speakers, hear their tales and prepare yourself for a range of reactions from No waaaaay! to Hey, I could do that!

Here’s the list of incredible people that came to the 2017 London festival.

Benedict Allen

Benedict AllenBenedict Allen is one of Britain’s foremost explorers. He’s particularly known for his solo expeditions through the jungle, desert and Arctic – journeys famously achieved devoid of satellite phone, GPS or any of the usual gadgets but after months training with a remote indigenous community. These and other ventures are depicted in his ten books – including two best sellers – and numerous television series for the BBC and elsewhere, usually filmed without a camera crew. Few people alive have spent so long isolated and alone in so many different potentially hostile environments. We are privileged to have him!



Dylan Wickrama

Dylan Wickrama

The Darien Gap looms large on the radar of any traveller who tackles the Pan American Highway. Normally a passage is booked but not so for Dylan. He took the thrill of the challenge and built a raft which he then powered with the drive shaft of his motorbike. Thirty days at sea later and he’d beaten the gap and gone into adventure travel history!

This talk is brought to you by Adventure Spec.




Danny Bent

Danny BentDanny Bent is best known as the UK’s smiliest and jolliest man. His improv fitness workout collective, known as Project Awesome is the stuff of viral grassroots legend. Even a few minutes in Danny’s company is enough to intoxicate the dreariest of souls but at this Summer’s event he’ll be talking to us about his 9000-mile cycle ride to India. If anyone wants some motivational ‘extras’ then Danny may have to ask you to report to the next Project Awesome meet-up!




Natalia Cohen and Meg Dyos of The Coxless Crew – in conversation with Lois Pryce

The stunning film of this project, “Losing Sight Of Shore“, will have blown everyone’s mind on the Saturday night of the festival. Come Sunday morning, festival founder Lois will be joined by several members of the team. The film will be the most excellent basis of your questions as this fabulous Q&A gets us below decks with these exceptional adventure legends.





Nick Jubber

Nick Jubber

Nick Jubber is the author of three travel books and a winner of the Dolman Travel Book Award. His books have taken him across the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, following an 800-year-old mission to a mythical priest-king, wandering in the shadow of a Persian poet and travelling in the footsteps of a 16th century Moorish ambassador.

From herding cattle on the Malian plains to fishing on the Niger; from riding camels, out of Timbuktu to vomiting at the back of a Berber campsite: this talk will show what the 21st century traveller can expect to find in the Sahara. Digging behind the news headlines, Nick gives us the real desert, a world of nomads and agro-pastoralists playing phone clips around the camp fire, gossiping at the wells, celebrating festivals and fighting for survival. This is the real thing!