The film-making and travel-writing workshops are always hugely popular. 

Sit back, relax and peruse the smorgasbord of workshop delights that we offered in 2017..

All workshops cost £25 each. Numbers are limited [shown in brackets].

Specialist Film-Making Clinics

These in-depth, 90-minute workshops are taught by TV and film industry professionals and are designed to help take your film-making skills from amateur to pro.

Keith Brown drone workshopFilming With a Drone with Keith Brown  – *NEW*

This workshop is strictly for novices and drone newbies. Drones, like so many new innovations come in all sizes for all budgets. We thought there was little point in getting tuition and advice from a fully pro drone pilot with a £20K ‘bird’ when none of us are going to work in that field. Instead, we had a better idea: Keith Brown is a full time IT and audio visual teacher. He bought a cheap drone a year ago and has been learning the ropes. He has carefully collected all his lessons and will save you tons of stress by you learning from his experience. His workshop is perfectly tailored to the first-time buyer who’s on a budget and has just bought (or is about to buy) a humble rig in Maplins. Prepare for take-off! [10]

Greg VillalobosGeneration GoPro with Greg Villalobos  – *NEW*

Hands up if you’ve got a GoPro? That’s a lot of hands in the air. Hands up if you’ve used it to make a film that isn’t just one long head shot of you running/walking/riding/sailing for twenty minutes. Hmmm, not so many hands. Greg Villalobos will be putting on a fun workshop that helps you figure out what your neat little camera is good at, how to rig it up, when to shoot and when to leave it in the rucksack. PLUS how to make your own selfie stick! This guy is the master – sign up and learn from the wizard himself! [10]


Rob WarnerStop! Don’t Shoot… with Rob Warner, Freelance Editor for BBC, ITV and C4

…until you’ve attended this workshop! There’s a crucial list of things to check before you switch on your camera. Rob has spent a lifetime working in film and TV and he’ll get you thoroughly prepared. The most important workshop of them all! [14]




Editing for Total Beginners with Raph Goldberg of Tanglewood Productions

Even learning basic editing skills will help inform your directing and shooting decisions. Vital hands-on session! [10]

Editing-Intermediate Level with Raph Goldberg of Tanglewood Productions

Taking your editing skills to the next level. Become a master of this black art! [10]

Writing and Photography

Travel Photography Practical – “Taking Better Photos”-  with Toby Savage – *NEW*

Toby Savage has a wealth of experience as a Professional Photographer and has had adventure based articles published in many specialist titles.  He also enjoys helping others to improve their own skills with the camera, either on his well-established photography themed trips to Morocco, or recently as a guest lecturer at Huanghaui University, China.  This 90 minute workshop will start with an inspiring 15 minute talk, then participants will be offered an option of two light-hearted and fun photographic projects to shoot in 30 mins. Weather permitting, students will be roaming the stunning parkland site looking for ‘subjects’, with live feedback on framing, composition etc from Toby himself. Back in the classroom, the resulting shots will then be discussed whilst projected on a screen. No previous experience required and participants can use anything from a smartphone to the latest and most sophisticated digital SLR.  It’s all about the picture! [10]


Writing Your Adventures with Lois Pryce and Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent – *NEW*

Ants and Lois - travel writing

Join festival curator and author, Lois Pryce and fellow travel writer and author, Ants Bolingbroke-Kent for this in-depth session on travel writing. Ants and Lois have six books out between them and are at the top of their game. Learn how to make your writing stand out from the crowd, how to craft a strong narrative, weave research into your travel writing and how to prepare a book proposal. Bring a pen! [20]