Workshops – 2016

The film-making and travel-writing workshops are always hugely popular. 

Sit back, relax and peruse the smorgasbord of workshop delights that we lined up for you in August 2016. Details for the 2017 festival will be announced nearer the time.

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The Following Three Workshops were Free to Attend for All!

How to Make a Film of Your Adventure with Austin Vince

Austin Vince with film camerasFestival curator, Austin’s Saturday morning presentation has become a highpoint of the weekend with people coming to watch again and again every year! Learn the basic principles of filming your adventure and discover why if you can make spaghetti Bolognese, you can make a film.





Travel Photography with Toby Savage

Toby SavageToby Savage is a professional photographer with an avid interest in adventure. His far reaching exploits have been widely published in the magazines; Classic Land Rover, 4×4, Land Rover World, and Overland Journal. He holds an M.A. in Photography and has taught at university level both here and in China!  Now in its fourth year he runs a biannual photography course in Morocco with the aim of going beyond the cheesy sunset and ‘making’, rather than ‘taking’ photographs. Toby is a huge fan of the pocket sized compact camera and his little Lumix, badly wrapped in black gaffer tape, will probably be in his pocket throughout the presentation – just in case.


Social media and crowdfunding with Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Tom Allen burst onto the adventure scene a few years ago with his astonishing film and book; Janapar. He is the perfect example of the new breed of full-time adventure personality. He is internationally famous through social media and his ‘product’ is instantly accessible through the internet. Tom is a true digital nomad and if anyone knows about this world it is he. Check out his workshop (which is real, not a Skype call!).




Specialist Film-Making Clinics
£25 each

These in-depth, 90-minute workshops are taught by TV and film industry professionals and are designed to help take your film-making skills from amateur to pro.

Adventure Film Making (“Making a Decent Adventure Film”) with Justine Curgenven  – *NEW*
Justine is an award winning adventure filmmaker who specialises in telling a story with small, inexpensive cameras. She’s won over 2 dozen awards including at Banff & Kendal Mountain Film Festivals. This is a catch-all workshop from someone at the top of their game. Yup, albeit briefly, she’ll cover everything.

‘Magic Dust’ … making your film that bit special with Greg Villalobos  – *NEW*

Securing Greg as a workshop instructor has been a priority for this festival for the last three years. He has recently completed several films created specifically for the internet but which are epic in their scale and ingenuity. Greg is one of the most original and inventive film-makers in the UK today. Any student who comes away from this session with even a thousandth of the white-hot imagination of this man will be in fantastic fettle.

Greg has won two Baftas, won countless prizes at film festivals, published one book and is currently stumbling his way through fatherhood but has still found time and energy for us. Honestly folks, he ‘da man!

Stop! Don’t Shoot… with Rob Warner, Freelance Editor for BBC, ITV and C4
…until you’ve attended this workshop! There’s a crucial list of things to check before you switch on your camera. Rob has spent a lifetime working in film and TV and he’ll get you thoroughly prepared. The most important workshop of them all!

Shooting an Interview with Raph Goldberg of Tanglewood Productions
It’s more than just filming a cosy chat. Learn how to perfectly capture that local character to a broadcast standard.

Editing for Total Beginners with Raph Goldberg of Tanglewood Productions
Even learning basic editing skills will help inform your directing and shooting decisions. Vital hands-on session!

Editing-Intermediate Level with Raph Goldberg of Tanglewood Productions
Taking your editing skills to the next level. Become a master of this black art!

Directing with Austin Vince, festival curator and independent film director
Produce documentaries not home movies, it’s simple when you know ‘the code’.

Narrative with Jez Foster of Hardy House Productions
Take your audience on the road with you by telling a story rather than simply just pressing REC.




Travel Writing Workshops
£30 each

(Includes 6 months subscription to Wanderlust magazine)

Following the success of previous years, we are delighted to welcome back the editor of Wanderlust Magazine, Phoebe Smith who will be teaching the following two workshops on travel writing and making money from your travels.

Introduction to Travel Writing
So you’ve just had the ultimate adventure, a journey of a lifetime, the trip to rival all others and now you want to share it – but how do you begin writing it up? Editor of Wanderlust travel magazine and author Phoebe Smith shares her expert advice on structuring your story. From nailing the all-important intro to keeping people interested and then pulling off the big finish, Phoebe will show you how to write a piece that people will want to read.

(NB This workshop does not cover pitching/getting published, that is covered in the Making Money from your Travels session)

Making Money from your Travels
Whether you want to keep the day job and earn a few pennies on the side, or whether you want to change your career and become a full time traveller and writer, Phoebe looks at the various options to monetise your passion for travel and writing. From magazines to websites, books to blogs – you’ll learn how to go about getting your tales published and making some cash too.

About Phoebe
Phoebe SmithAward-winning travel editor, writer and author Phoebe Smith has seen her love of dramatic landscapes and wild places take her on adventures all around the world. She is the editor of Wanderlust, the UK’s best adventure travel magazine and in 2015 was named Editor of the Year (PPA, New Talent Awards). She is author of several books including Extreme Sleeps: Adventures of a Wild Camper, Wilderness Weekends: Wild Adventures in Britain’s Rugged Corners and the first and only guidebook to British bothies – Book of the Bothy.

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