The Adventure Travel Film Festival was the brainchild of film-maker Austin Vince and travel author Lois Pryce. Here’s how it all came about…

‘Over the last ten years or so we have been sent tons of fantastic travel films from all over the world by largely unknown film-makers. They came from all over the globe and covered every form of transport — boats, bicycles, buses, motorcycles, 4x4s and even hitch-hiking and train-hopping. The ‘adventure travel’ shows we saw on TV, although polished and professional, were nothing in comparison to the real-life dramas that were arriving in our letterbox.

As time passed we gradually realised that we were accruing a fairly extensive and possibly, definitive, collection of adventure travel films. It occurred to us that this had to be the tip of an iceberg. Once we started searching actively, films came to the surface that were absolutely mind-blowing. We were amazed, and excited, that adventures of this quality, old and new, were essentially unknown by the public.

Our mission is to change all that.

Film festivals don’t usually have manifestos — so here’s ours!

  1. To showcase the best independent adventure travel films ever made
  2. To guarantee a platform for future adventure film-makers
  3. To bring together the adventure travel community
  4. We know that making a good film isn’t difficult — we will show you how
  5. To have loads of fun while doing all the above!

Lois Pryce

Festival founder, author & adventurer

Austin Vince

Festival founder, film-maker & adventurer