Photo Competition

Adventure travel is many things to many people. Some travel to the extreme and push their boundaries whilst others travel to within their safety margin.

Over the past 7 years at the Adventure Travel Film Festival (ATFF) you will have seen and heard from people who have skied or walked to the Poles unsupported or rafted down remote rivers with no backup. Others have walked with their family across India or cycled around the globe or trekked to Everest Base Camp. These adventures have been captured on film for showing to others or lectured about to a slideshow.

However for many of us, our own adventures are for personal consumption and most of us will have a photo, or a million photographs of the digital variety, taken at certain points in time (to remind our grand kids of what we got up to before they were born!). We want some of those photos!! A photo which captures YOUR sense of adventure. There will be prizes for the best one in each category. Our adventure is to think what other prizes we can give! So what are you waiting for?

Terms and Conditions

  1. Photos to be hung between 0900 Saturday and 1000 Sunday in the Senior Citizens Centre.
  2. Size max A3 min A5.
  3. Colour or black and white (gloss or matte).
  4. Two categories: action/movement and people. Use your imagination.
  5. No more than one photo per person per category.
  6. Must be printed on photo paper.
  7. No photocopies. On the back of the photo name, phone number and email address.
  8. Photos to be judged by a local photographer.
  9. Judge’s decision is final.
  10. Winners’ names will be mentioned at several venues after 11am on Sunday.
  11. Winners can collect prizes at 3pm at Bright Brewery.
  12. All photographs can be collected after 3pm at the above venue.
  13. Any leftover photos will be left on the tables as beer mats!