Still from Where the Road Ends CAUTIOUSLY
Hatherop Castle
13 - 15 August 2021


We are cautiously optimistic…

The 2021 English festival is scheduled to go ahead. The big difference from 2020 is that we are gearing up NOW, for the possibility of a weekend that takes place almost entirely outdoors. This will make us much more resilient to the sensible restrictions that apply to indoor spaces. The other BIG news is that we are rolling out elements of a new event that we call ‘MondoFest’. This is simply a collection of cool content that we lurve but is NOT really ‘adventure travel’. Check the schedule of forthcoming attractions and be ready for what we think will be one of the funkiest weekends that this extraordinary venue has EVER seen. See you there, Lois and Austin

Some of the films for 2021

Sideshow and speakers

It’s not just films – get stuck in to some of the amazing sideshows and be entertained by our speakers.

On the Grapevine…

Excellent and inspiring weekend.

Trailblazer Guides

It’s a highlight of our year now. Watching the films has given me a new lease of life.

Simon and Ranjeeta Johnson

It's the only UK event this year I came back for and was completely worth the trip.

Tom Allen

As featured in…

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