Buy Tickets

Tickets for the 2020 Cotswolds Adventure Travel Film Festival are now on sale!

We’ve got a limited number of early early bird tickets available until mid February for a mere £99. After that the tickets will go up and up so grab ’em now while stocks last. Meals are also available at a reduced price til mid-Feb.

The 2020 festival has a new home – a smaller and more intimate venue at Hatherop Castle in the Cotswolds. This means though that there are only 390 tickets available and once they’re gone they’re gone!

Early bird tickets go on sale at midnight on 15th Feb til the end of March for £109.

Normal tickets are available from 1st April for £119.

Due to the restriction on numbers at the new venue, children under the age of 18 also need tickets. We’re aware that many children come to keep an eye on their wayward parents but don’t actually want to see any films. For this reason, we have introduced a £20 “No Films Kids’ Ticket” which gives access to the festival site, camping, outdoor activities, bonfire etc but does not allow entry to indoor films and speakers. If your children are budding adventurers themselves and want to watch the films or listen to the speakers, please buy the “Weekend Festival Ticket for Under 18s” which costs £89 no matter when it is purchased.

Tickets include weekend camping from Friday lunchtime until 4pm on Sunday. Camper vans are allowed, but there are no hook ups.

Vendors: please buy yourselves a “vendor’s ticket” so we can contact you separately about attendance at the festival. We don’t charge any extra to be a vendor.

Meals are also now available to buy in advance.

Hopefully you won’t need it, but in case you do here’s our refund policy.