1. Can I bring my camper van / boat / articulated lorry / milk float?

Yes you can! But please note there are no hook-ups for camper vans anywhere on site. Also, there is an arch leading onto the main camping fields which measures 3.1 m high x 2.3 m wide. If you wish to bring a vehicle that is larger than this, you will need to camp at the front of the venue and not in the main camping field.

2. Can I bring my dog?

Sorry. No dogs allowed on site at all, aside from registered assistance dogs.

3. I’m interested in being a vendor. What do I do?

Get in contact to find out more info and prices. Please note: we do not supply electricity to vendors and you have to bring your own gazebos etc. Most vendors shut shop when it gets dark and join everyone else for the starlight screening anyway. Vendors are also asked to not camp in the vendors’ area.

4. What facilities are there on site?

There are flushing loos, showers and ablutions in the school buildings. In addition, we place chemical loos nearer to the camping fields ready for the midnight ‘emergency’. Due to limitations in the school’s hot water system, we cannot guarantee the temperature of showers. There will be washing up facilities for your kitchenware but we hope you will be availing yourself of our catering options rather than doing your own.

Camping, as usual, is expected and included in your ticket price.

There is tons of room and this is a delightful site to drive to and to camp at. We aim for you to be able to camp next to where you park, but do to space limitations this may not always be possible.

If you are a smoker please bring your own ashtray and as usual, we expect the campground to be quiet between midnight and 7am.

Camper vans and caravans are most welcome but there is no hook-up. There is an arch at the entrance to the camping field which measures 3.1m high and 2.3m wide. Any vehicles larger than this will not be able to access the main camping ground and will need to park at the front of the building.

Please bring your own chair for the starlight screenings each night.

Also, the venue has a fairly massive treehouse!!! Yup, you read that right!!

5. What things should I pack?

Here’s a list of things you might find useful:

  • Yoga mat (for yoga in the morning)
  • Chair and blanket for the outdoor starlight screenings
  • Torch
  • Cash (for food, drinks and merch) although we do also accept card
  • Re-usable mugs and (non-glass) pint glasses for drinks

No need to bring booze: there will be a well-stocked and reasonably-priced bar on site

6. Can I bring my kids?

Kids are welcome at the festival but it’s worth noting that there are few activities specifically designed with children in mind, so it’s up to you if you think your kids will enjoy it. Children aged between 5-11 and 12-17 require a relevant weekend ticket. Children aged under 5 years old do not require a ticket for the event.

Children that want to eat in the dining hall will also need to have advance meal tickets.

7. What food options are there?

Food will be available on site but only from the canteen or lunch stall that we provide. Due to the rural location, food options are limited! Basically we recommend that you purchase meal tickets in advance for meals in the dining hall. Meals in the dining hall are delicious and filling so well worth it. These meal tickets are available for breakfasts, suppers and lunch. We can cater for vegetarians and vegans but if you have specific dietary requirements or allergies please get in touch. When you buy a ticket, please let us know if you need veggie or vegan food. More info is on our food & drink page.

You are welcome to self cater… just make sure you don’t have any BBQs on the grass – lift them off the ground please.