Food & Drink

As always, we highly recommend that you purchase meal tickets for the festival in advance as this means you can eat in the dining hall on site! We are too small a festival to be able to ‘spontaneously’ magic-up 400 meals per sitting with only a few hours notice. You are welcome to self-cater of course but be aware that Hatherop Castle is in a rural location and so food options will be limited i.e. if you self cater, bring your food with you. Please do not have BBQs on the grass – raise them off the ground or bring a camping stove.

Breakfast and suppers in the dining hall require you to buy meal tickets in advance. We can cater for vegetarians and vegans but if you have a serious food intolerance or allergy, please bring your own food as we cannot guarantee the suitability of our meals for serious conditions. If in doubt, please get in touch.

Lunches will be available on spec, on the day at the venue. There will be a bar too.

New for 2021

Hugh and Thamar cooking up a feast at the Adventure Travel Film FestivalAfter ten years of school dinners, we are thrilled to announce we are bringing the catering ‘in house’. That house is actually the house occupied by the food and beverage dynamic duo of Thamar Monet and Hugh John. Thamar has been running bars and hostelries for the last 20 years whilst Hugh secured his City and Guilds 706 (food & beverage) in 1992. Between them that’s almost half a century of making people happy with hospitality, fine vittles and good cheer.

Hugh’s grandmother is from Grenada and she passed down to him the secret of the finest jerk chicken marinade in Grand Anse! Thamar’s Greek parentage means that her confidential tzatziki recipe is the stuff of legend but get this, Hugh has refined and improved it so that it’s even BETTER than the Hellenic original!

When you visit Hugh and Thamar’s home you arrive greeted by your fave drink being thrust into your hand, you are made to feel special all day, Hugh magics up stunning cuisine with seemingly zero effort and you leave having tasted the best food in ages, gently suggesting that you are available next weekend too….

All this and we’ve kept it in the family. Hugh is Lois’ brother. Join us and this year at least, forget about self-catering!

We are determined to discourage single-use cups/glasses so be ready to turn up for coffee and beverages with your own. We will have a system in place to ensure you are given the appropriate ‘measure’! Please don’t bring glass onto site as this is a huge pain in the b** for us.

And finally… the host venue normally ‘makes money’ from the food and drink that you consume on site. This year, the festival itself will be the beneficiary. That means every beer, burger or bolognaise that you buy over the weekend, is an act of grass roots sponsorship, by YOU. Wholesome, DIY and righteous. With your eating and drinking we can help keep ticket prices low and pay all the staff and talent properly too. You gotta love it!