Refund Policy – Cotswolds

OK, here’s the boring but important bit.


If you bought your ticket directly from us (i.e. from this website or ticket tailor) and you need a refund on your ticket please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Please send us an email to request a refund with your ticket / order IDs.

Up to two weeks before the festival start date we can refund all of your ticket (meals and entrance).

Two weeks before the start date of the festival we can only refund you half the cost of your ticket / meals. Or, you can decide to not receive a refund at all, but receive a ticket for next year’s festival instead. You will probably save money this way as the ticket price has to rise a bit each year.

In the week before the festival opens (from the preceding Friday) we cannot refund any part of your ticket. This is because we have already paid the venue for your attendance and we cannot get the money back.

No refunds are given during or after the event (including Friday morning) and requests for rolling over tickets must be made before the event opens.