972 Breakdowns: On the Landway to New York

Die ersten 100 Meter auf dem Kolyma River
972 Breakdowns 3
Ural-Megafloat auf dem Kolyma River
972 Breakdowns 5
Auf dem Weg zur Beringstrasse
Gebrochene Stossdämpfer im Nirgendwo

972 Breakdowns: On the Landway to New York

4 vintage Urals, 30000 kilometers, 5 artists, 2 years and 972 breakdowns… This one is heading straight to the adventure travel film hall of fame. Anne, Efy, Johannes, Kaupo and Elisabeth leave Germany on their three-wheeled machines with New York as an end goal. The roads dissolve into deserts, then into swamps, and then eventually into rivers as they attempt to take a short cut along The Road of Bones in Russia’s far east.

Accompanied by thunderstorms, sandstorms, armies of mosquitos and mountains of bureaucracy, they learn to become very familiar with the inner workings of the Urals. It’s a story of creativity, friendship, dogged determination and what to do when plans collapse. Do they make it to New York? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

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