Dr Paul Sutton – A Feast Of Italian Film

Still from la Dolce Vita

Speaker: Dr Paul Sutton

A short and incomplete but very interesting history of Italian Cinema: from Rome, Open City (Rossellini, 1945) to La Dolce Vita (Fellini, 1960) via The Bicycle Thieves (De Sica, 1948).

Want to know your Fellini from your fettucine, your ravioli from your Rossellini? Then this is the session for you! Taking you on a cinematic journey from post-war Italy to the beginning of the swinging sixties, this talk will introduce you to three key Italian filmmakers via three celebrated films that regularly feature in polls of the all-time greatest films. Illustrated with tasty bite-sized clips, Dr Sutton’s presentation will cook up a veritable storm, situating the films in the broader context of Italian history and culture, all the while explaining why it is that they are critically so highly regarded. Come and have your appetite for Italian film thoroughly sated!

Paul will be speaking at the Cotswolds Adventure Travel Film festival from 13 – 15 August 2021.


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50 mins