A Journey on Three Wheels


A Journey on Three Wheels

Satyen Das is a poor rickshaw puller from Kolkata in India who suffers from wanderlust. He has already toured half of India in his tricycle rickshaw with his wife and baby girl in 2008. But this time he is determined to go alone to Ladakh in the Jamuu & Kashmir State of India that is 3000km from his home town and 11500 ft above sea level – again by rickshaw. Leaving his wife and daughter behind will not be easy.

A few days before leaving for his trip, Satyen meets filmmaker Indrani who is keen to make a film about his journey. Due to lack of funds she cannot join him and so she teaches him how to use her own handycam. Satyen, a rickshaw puller by profession, set off filming his own incredible journey.

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Indrani Chakrabarti




65 mins


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