Dean Cunico

Speaker: Dean Cunico

At the age of 15, Dean Cunico suffered 3 Strokes in 2 days in Wangaratta. Had his “Last Rights” read to him before being driven by ambulance to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He spent the next three weeks in ICU and after that, it was a long road to recovery.

The next 7 months was spent in Kew at the Royal Talbot Hospital, learning to walk, talk and basically get out of a wheel chair. The next 4 years as an out patient in both Albury and Wangaratta doing physio, speech and occupational therapy. Today Dean still shows the effects of the strokes.

At the age of 15, Dean had a dream of one day sitting in a “Syd Hill” saddle and riding a “stock horse” across some of the beautiful and untouched parts of Victoria, the “Bicentennial National Trail”. Dean has completed 300+kms of this gruelling trail. Both with a pack horse and without.



Bicentennial Trail, Victoria Australia



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