Eibhlin Fletcher

Speaker: Eibhlin Fletcher

If your idea of the perfect holiday is taking a family of four to live in one room house in Northern Mongolia in winter then you need to go and listen to Eibhlin.

She is a one women marketing campaign for Mongolia. -35 degrees celsius, long drop dunnys at least a 20 m dash from the residences, sharing rooms with hunting eagles and drinking hundreds of litres of warm salty tea seasoned with rancid butter are some of the highlights of the trip. Now of course many people have travelled to Mongolia in winter, not many have taken two young girls and a husband with weak lungs on the trip with them nor had to deal with a Chinese spy.

Eibhlin has a passion for getting a grip of the grind, adventuring and having no regrets in life. Did she have any regrets about Mongolia, will you’ll have to ask her. She did have plenty of adventures.


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