Andreas and Frederick Powell – The Canning Stock Route in 1983

Speakers: Andreas and Frederick Powell

In 1983, the Canning Stock route remained a daunting challenge for motorcycle riders. Its remote location, the huge distance to be covered without fuel or food supplies and the difficulties in traversing hundreds of soft, sandy dunes made it “The Holy Grail for Motorcycle Masochists”

With a degree of youthful naivety, Andreas and Frederick Powell decided to tackle the 1600 kilometres of sand and wilderness riding the BMW motorcycles they owned at the time. Each motorcycle had to carry 80 litres of petrol and 15 litres of water along with tools, spares, camping equipment and of course, that other necessity for survival…food.

Ride along with these boys in old school Super 8 silence as they crest the dunes, wobble and bush bash their way through Western Australia’s desert wilderness. You can make your own Brrrrm, brrrm noises!


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Canning Stock Route Western Australia



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