Ginger Baker and Fela Kuti’s Nigerian Adventure in Music

David Hutcheon at the Adventure Travel Film Festival
Toby Savage will be at the Adventure Travel Film Festival

MONDOFEST keynote presentation

At the end of 1969, superstar drummer and angriest man in rock Ginger Baker, was on the verge of collapse. Strung out on heroin, deeply grieving Jimi Hendrix’s death, and alienated from his former Cream and Blind Faith bandmates, he needed a new direction. He found it in Nigeria, which he got to, by driving a Range Rover from London to Lagos across the Algerian Sahara Desert. Once in Lagos, Baker started jamming with Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti.

The meeting of these two musical forces of nature was much filmed and produced a suite of recordings. Baker’s drumming appeared on several albums alongside the Nigerian king of afrobeat, including Why Black Man Dey Suffer (1971), Live! (1972) and Stratavarious (1972).”

David Hutcheon is the world music correspondent for Mojo magazine and Toby Savage is one of the UK’s most respected 4×4 experts. They have prepared this ultra-unique presentation, supported by many gorgeous 16mm film clips, as this year’s showcase Mondofest presentation. An hour of engaging content that utterly defies pigeon-holing. Do not miss this very special fusion of vintage film, Range Rovers and groovy Afrobeat!


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David Hutcheon and Toby Savage