Global Convoy


Global Convoy

A bunch of penniless goons are determined to see the world and meet all the wondrous peoples it contains. They buy cars for £150 and totally clueless, set off across Europe, Central Asia, Siberia and then over to the USA and south to Argentina.

Years from now, when academics intone about the DIY backlash to a modern society drowning in tech, then this film will be cited. In too many travel theatres, long trips of many months are too often described as being only for the older person, retired and solvent and keen to be seen to have all the correct ‘equipment’. The kids from Global Convoy are the new broom and they shovel in rosy-cheeked youthful enthusiasm at its best. No money, no gadgets, no fear — these are the kids your parents warned you about!

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Rebecca Marsh, Maximillian White, Joel Chevaillier and Richard Matthews




60 mins


film, film, London 2018, Scotland 2018