It’s Hammock Time!

James Trundle looking pensive in the jungle with a hammock

Sideshow: It’s Hammock Time!

The hammock can be considered the uncle that is cooler than your Dad and in this instance your Dad is a tent. Your uncle goes to places and does things your Dad can only dream of, he is liberated by his desire to never be grounded, he floats above the treacherous and dirty world that lies below. Your Dad is not a complete loser, since he does work well in the cold and is more conducive to intimate encounters, but that is a different workshop. You are invited to join James Trundle (one of the heroes from last year’s hit movie, DugOut) for an exciting workshop about hammock living, he will delve into when and where to use a hammock, what hammock to buy and how best to erect these wonderful creatures of comfort.


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