Headless Valley

Headless Valley (Mel and Ethel Ross, 1958) 41-41 screenshot
Headless Valley (Mel and Ethel Ross, 1958) 34-8 screenshot
Headless Valley (Mel and Ethel Ross, 1958) 6-37 screenshot

Headless Valley

A 1950s married couple take an extreme canoeing trip into the Northwest Territories with not a scrap of Goretex in sight… 

In 1957 Melvin and Ethel Ross of Calgary, Canada, travelled alone by canoe through one of the roughest and remote areas of the world to reach their destination of the Headless Valley in the Canadian Northwest Territories. Not only is the journey itself truly remarkable, the fact that they filmed it all so beautifully on 16mm while tackling such challenging conditions leaves you in awe of this seemingly ‘normal’ married couple. Never a grubby shirt collar or a hair out of place, Mr and Mrs Ross don’t let anything faze them and even manage to rustle up a strawberry shortcake (with cream) on their campfire. 

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