Helen & Anthony – He Said She Said

Speakers: Helen Black & Anthony Holzwart

Navigating a goat track to a holy Hindi temple high in the Himalayas, only to run through a hundred freezing water spouts is child’s play compared to navigating the slippery slopes of a relationship whilst travelling!!

Helen and Anthony grab their breaks when they can get them.   While they haven’t conquered Everest, nor written a best-selling travel book, nor dog sledded across the Arctic tundra… what they have managed to do is not kill each other while riding bikes in far off places.

To say they don’t always see eye to eye might be a slight understatement.  But this only adds to the richness of their travel experiences!  He Said She Said explores travel through different lenses.  No matter where they go, they experience the adventure differently and the best laid plans often go astray.


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Himalayas, Peru, Australia



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