Helen Osler – the Lady 4WDer

Speaker: Helen Osler

When her (now ex) boyfriend crashed her pride and joy 4WD after questioning her own driving skills, Helen decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. She began writing A Lady 4WDer’s Guide to the Outback to encourage more females to break through the mystery of outback driving and get out on the tracks.

Currently living in Karratha, Helen writes, and photographs travel articles for 4WD magazines, can be heard on ABC North West sharing 4WD tips and tricks (from a lady’s perspective) and is putting the finishing touches to her manuscript. She also spoke at the Adventure Travel Film Festival in Perth in May 2018.

Helen has travelled the Big-lap around Australia and many places in-between and continues to explore wild Pilbara places with Larry, her trusty Landcruiser. What’s more, she loves a girl’s weekend away camping in the bush where there’s no arguing over the best place to camp, the fire gets lit without a chainsaw in sight, the car gets packed in skilful silence and there’s many a laugh over a bottle of red.

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