Jaye Edwards

Speaker: Jaye Edwards

A Twit’s Guide to Adventuring

Jaye Edwards is a twit. Over the last 10 years, she has been adding the ‘mis’ to adventure. Whether it be on the back of a motorcycle in central Australia or Thailand; leather tramping trails in South West WA, Canada or New Zealand; or even cycle touring South Korea, she exemplifies chaos-muppetry of the highest order.

Do you want to know what NOT to do on your adventure holiday? Need to know the pit falls of self-propelled touring? Jaye is a card-carrying Twit and Chaos Muppet who has done the work for you by putting her life at risk in quite safe situations. Come along and hear about the planning she’s omitted, mistakes she’s made and dangerous situations she’s created. If you are thinking about or planning an adventure holiday, Jaye can guide you through what not to do by sharing her 10 years of micro-adventures.


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