John Stapleton record collector

John Stapleton's African record collection
john Stepleton plays records at the Adventure Travel Film Festival

A set on Saturday suppertime

John Stapleton is one of the UK’s premier record collectors. Literally every curve that exists in this pastime, he has been ahead of. Some of the curves that he was ahead of he actually created in his wake! Whilst we take a break for our evening meal, he will be playing original 7” 45rpm records. He is as charming, knowledgeable and approachable as can be and we urge you, upon hearing a groover that catches your ear, to approach him and get the backstory on the ‘choon’. To reinforce and enhance the Fela Kuti/Ginger Baker ‘Mondofest’ presentation, John will be playing vinyl exclusively from 1970s West Africa – when the music of James Brown, Santana and Jimi Hendrix collided head-on with African popular forms like Highlife and Juju to create new and exciting crossovers – Fela Kuti’s invention of Afrobeat, Afrorock from BLO, The Wings,  OFO the Black Company and many more… This guy’s record collection, ladies and gentlemen, is a VERY big deal, of real cultural significance.


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Sat suppertime


John Stapleton


A vinyl record set

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