Kayaking Nepal


Kayaking Nepal

A border-to-border traverse of Nepal in kayaks; starting in the Himalayas on the Chinese/Tibetan border and paddling the length of the country to the Indian boundary at the Koshi Barrage. The journey was around 400km and took 8 days, with 3 days of very bumpy road travel.

Hari Ale is the first Nepali to complete this journey unsupported and it is believed that Leanne Dyke is the first recorded female. The other team member was Neil Cox. For Leanne the learning curve was steep as she had never been on big volume rivers before and barely had any experience of being in a boat! It goes to show what can be achieved with the right mindset, lots of planning and training and a little luck.

As well as documenting the trip, this film attempts to highlight the continued plight of the Nepalese people following the 2015 earthquake.

Part of the “Short Films” screening.

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