Life isn’t fun without detours


Life isn’t fun without detours

Holland’s leading female adventure motorcyclist rides the world.

Part of the “Short Films” screening.



Hello, not long now till this summer’s Adventure Travel Film Festival. We are so excited to be sharing so many fantastic films this year. Let’s start with a quick summary of yours, what’s it about?


Thanks for inviting me!

My short film is actually about a Dutch woman (Nora) who travelled from the Netherlands to Bali solo on her motorcycle over 11 months. I don’t want to give too much away as it’s only 5 mins long 🙂


How did the film come about? Was it something that you’ve always been interested in?


I started in the world of video/filmmaking after entering a local filming weekend competition a couple of years ago. The film was terrible but the experience inspired me –  it was a fun to just create something! I don’t have a formal background in film making. I’m the type of person who likes to figure stuff out as I go and I’m still at the stage where everything is new, fun and exciting!

Last summer I found a travel film competition geared towards solo non-professional film makers. Until that point I had created short pieces in a team for fun, but I figured it was time to try to step up a level and do something on my own.

I had been following Nora on her YouTube channel as she documented her trip (with over 300 videos!) and I came up with the idea of creating a short piece to summarise her trip. So I contacted her and it just so happened that she was finishing her epic trip and was free to meet up. I packed my gear and headed to the Netherlands without a solid plan as to how I was going to approach the project. We did a couple of interviews, and I didn’t get much sleep for a week trying to edit something. I re-cut the piece over and over while also  learning how to use After Effects.

I didn’t get anywhere in the film competition BUT I made a good friend and learnt a lot about myself as a film maker.


This years films have spanned oceans mountains, glaciers… a huge range of environments. What challenges did you face in making yours?


My physical journey went very smoothly. I jumped on a cheap Easyjet flight and to went to a very flat country. The physical adventure was Nora’s motorcycle trip.

The real adventure for me is the creative endeavour. I get a kick out of trying to create something of reasonable quality. I figured there must be an accessible  approach to storytelling. I discovered Dan Harmon’s story circles and I got very nerdy trying to figure it out. It was so fun!

I wanted to craft something that people could connect with emotionally in a short space of time. Yes, there are many technical mistakes as I didn’t have much time for post-production but I’m hoping that the audience can see past the problems and enjoy the story.


Is there anything that you would like audiences to take away from your film?


If you’re about to make your first travel film or go on that epic trip of a lifetime, the really hard thing is taking that first step… oh and using After Effects. It’s s@*$!!

All the preparation in the world cannot completely prepare you for an adventure. Take a leap of faith and well, Life Ain’t Fun Without Detours 😉


We have lots of people come to the festival who aspire to future film makers. Do you have any advice?


Practice makes perfect and have a deadline. Talk to other filmmakers, they’re generally a friendly bunch! Especially if you buy them beer or wine 😉


Are you coming to this years festival? How can audiences find out more and connect with you?


Yes for sure! It’s one of my fave film festivals! I’m the short chinese fella looking a bit lost and probably holding a pint.

People can find me on my YouTube channel or via twitter

If you’re on the fence whether to come or not to come to ATFF, check out my quick overview video on my channel (ahem plug plug).

I recommend checking out Nora’s channel as well


Thanks, we can’t wait to share the films this year!

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