Lyn Mawby

Speaker: Lyn Mawby

Off-Grid – Dog Mushing Expedition in the Alaskan Yukon

Passionate for all things outdoors, Lyn loves to seek out diverse modes of transport, making each journey unique. Train-hopping through India, exploring Mongolia by motorcycle, backpacking through Asia, and sailing Thailand have created a collection of heart-warming, funny, and sometimes nail-biting stories, which she loves to share with others who have the wanderlust affliction.

While it’s the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do, raising a family can seriously delay ticking off those bucket list items. For Lyn, it was always travel, preferably to far flung places with vastly different cultures and traditions. Now in her 50s, many destinations have become a reality, including an inspiring off-grid dog mushing expedition in remote Alaska. Lyn believes in embracing our world’s wonders regardless of age or partner status. Women particularly receive well-intended but often misguided warnings against solo travel. Most of the world welcomes you with open arms – for the others, just use common sense.


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