Michael Dillon – Film maker

Speaker: Michael Dillon

For almost fifty years so far, whenever Australians or New Zealanders have undertaken an epic or crazy adventure, Michael has usually accompanied them.
He filmed the First Australian Everest expedition, Tim Macartney-Snape’s Everest Sea to Summit Expedition, and with Lincoln Hall filmed a father and his 15 year old son attempting Everest. He’s filmed two Everest ballooning expeditions, a Base Jump altitude record attempt, a three month camel race, sections of Tim Cope’s epic horse journey from Mongolia to Hungary, the world’s highest formal dinner party on a peak in the Andes, and a London Taxi Journey from Buckingham Palace to the Sydney Opera House.

Returning to the Film Festival Michael will premiere his new multi-award winning film Ocean to Sky about Sir Edmund Hillary’s near fatal attempt to climb the River Ganges by jetboat and foot.

Ocean to Sky

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