Once More – The story of VIN903847


Once More – The story of VIN903847

This is the stunning story of Paul Loofs, born in Germany in 1933 when You-Know-Who was in charge, and then after 1945 found himself as a teen in the austere workers’ utopia of communist East Germany. Realising that the würst was yet to come he escaped and eventually got to Canada in 1953 and became a coal miner! However, he had the wanderlust so he saved hard, bought an early VW Beetle and between 1956 and 1963 went around the world in it three times!

This film is such a beautiful chance to re-live a bygone era where things seemed so much simpler but also — really important this bit — a story of a man who didn’t even contemplate gadgets, gear and gizmos. He wanted to drive around the world, so he took the car from his front yard. The car still exists today and so does Paul and yes, he is a beautiful man; humble, kind, generous and unafraid of the world — inspirational.

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