Chantelle and Todd Powell – Pan American by Postie

Speakers: Chantelle and Todd Powell

Todd and Chantelle from Over Yonda Adventures set off on their trusty postie bikes, Rosie and Mabel, in March 2016, in pursuit of a life filled with passion and purpose. Over the following 18 months, Rosie and Mabel would venture 75,000km across 17 countries to discover friends in the strangest of places, tempt fate on death roads, risk drowning in oceans, lakes and rivers and view the world from lofty altitudes. With many more adventures still in store for Rosie and Mabel, this is just part one of two gutsy postie bikes on their around the world adventures.

Over Yonda Adventures

Chantelle and Todd will be speaking at the Bright Australia Adventure Travel Film festival from 15-17 February 2019.



PanAm - Alaska to Argentina


Postie bikes

Date of trip:

2016 - 2017

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