Samantha McMahon

Speaker: Samantha McMahon

Sam is someone who loves travel, culture, and adventure. A combination of these passions have seen her sand board in the Nazcar Desert of Peru, downhill mountain bike the infamous death road in Bolivia, trek through the dense jungles of Borneo, and embark on multiple treks through various mountain ranges across the world.

It is her passion for spending time in the mountains that has led to a path of climbing some of the world’s highest peaks, whilst taking in all of the mountain culture on offer, particular within the Himalayas. In recent years Sam has begun climbing some of the world’s highest mountains, which is a far cry from the very flat Riverina farm she grew up on outside of the famed Ute Muster town, Deniliquin or “Deni”.

It has perhaps been a little more of a challenge to reach these heights, as Sam is quite injury prone which means she does it all with a metal rod in one leg and a fake hip in the opposite, and more recently losing half a toe.

Sam enjoys adventuring solo and with others, particularly when it means getting others into the outdoors and developing an appreciation for all that mother nature offers, the good and the bad. As a social worker Sam is also passionate about using adventure and the outdoors to work therapeutically with young people and as a means of empowerment, also currently working to improve the numbers of women in Nepal working in the outdoor and adventure industry. The thing that makes Sam most happy is to see others enjoying the outdoors as much as she does.






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