Short Films Compilation

We’ve got a brilliant selection of short films lined up which will be playing on a loop throughout the festival. Just drop in to the screening room and absorb as much as you fancy!

Broghil Valley – Umaima Soomro, 2021

Encapsulating seven days spent in the spent in the wilderness with strangers, cut off and isolated, finding home away from home.

Exploring Nepal – Ryker Nen, 2020

A journey through Nepal, taking in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

The Further Away, The Better – George Marshall, 2021

Ron Bartle retells the story of his 1958 crossing by bicycle of Iceland’s barren interior alongside footage of two attempts at the same route in 2015 and 2017. Make sure you catch Max Leonard’s presentation on The Rough Stuff Fellowship, the team that undertook the original journey.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Growing Up – Brett Chapman, 2020

A lo-fi rediscovery of a 2008 hitchhiking trip across Europe with no smartphone or Google maps to help.

India in Sound & Vision – Nathan Hussein, 2021

Shot over two months of travelling, capturing fleeting moments which have been formed into an immersive, continuous experience.

Lock Down, Rock Up – Nico Hambleton, 2020

​​Jerome Mowat takes us through the challenges he faced as a frontline paramedic during the pandemic and how he used rock climbing as an escape.

Magic Space – Antoine Auriol, 2020

Antoine Auriol explores India with his surf-foil board. Could this be the first ever flat water surf trip?

Meet Ramón – Pilar Aldirico, 2020

Ramón, a fur seal pup, was rescued from an oil spill when he was just a few days old and now lives now in a marine wildlife rescue centre. Which ocean are we leaving to him? In global times of crisis, Ramon’s story is about hope, family and home.

Ownership of Actions – Toby Roney, 2021

Scrambling, paragliding, climbing or packrafting, Ed Day seeks the ownership of action through exploring risks in the outdoors.

Salento – Luca Nestola, 2021

How a young girl managed to travel in the summer of 2020 and how the concept of tourism has changed in Italy.

Step Outside – Jared Walker, 2020

How a random ad on Craigslist launched Bob into a life of travel and adventure. “You take that one step in a little bit of an uncomfortable direction…just a small step at a time out of your comfort zone, and you never know where you’re going to end up.”

TRANS-GLOBAL EXPRESS – Allan Dransfield, 2021

Diving into the world of public transport on a non-stop 25000km train ride through 14 nations… all aboard!

Travel Bolivia by Motorcycle and Drone – Alex Chacon, 2019

A solo motorcycle journey across the entire of Bolivia in South America across salt flats, through jungles, over mountains and experiencing one of the most remote regions on earth.


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