South to South

South to South 1999_Aug 99_North Atlantic Crossing_Two Trikes Over Ice Cap_Meedle Greenland
Maroc_South to South 1999
South to South 1999_Air Rescue_Costa Rica_27
South to South 1999_France Sept 99
South to South 1999_North Atlantic Crossing_Iceland – Scotland 900km_Arrived Safely in Stornoway_Scotland_9th Aug 99

South to South

Olivier Aubert and Mike Blyth used their trike-type microlights to fly around the world way back in 1999. Yup, Ushuaia to New York and across Greenland to Britain. Then downhill to France, Spain, Morocco and down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town. Quite how this film isn’t internationally famous as possibly the greatest adventure travel project in the history of man is a mystery.

Both the expedition and film are brilliant achievements and will leave you breathless. This amazing film is exactly what you have bought a ticket for; daring, interesting, difficult and spectacularly good fun. We recognise it’s horses for courses but we defy anybody to stand up at the end of this film and exclaim: “I don’t ever want to do that!”

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56 mins


Cotswolds 2023, Film