Soviet Film Package

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Soviet Film Package

We are proud to announce the UK premiere of two fascinating short films from the Soviet Union. The first, made in 1978, charts a promo tour across Central Asia of a group of colleagues on ‘electron’ scooters. They are all colleagues at the factory where they are made! A joy to behold! The second film is a massive coup for us. This film has been talked about amongst the AdvTrav cogniscenti for years, but nobody had ever actually seen it. Now, thanks to some vigorous sleuthing, we have a copy via the Russian state archives that is a master print ie utterly immaculate, no scratches. A group of ‘workers’ ride URAL sidecars from the Sakhalin island in the Pacific, all the way to Leningrad in the summer of 1967. This is an astonishing piece of travel AND social history.

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1978 and 1967


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